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Biggest Loser Reviews

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  • Disappointing to say the least

    I have watched The Biggest Loser for many years now, and normally would never feel the need to comment, but this is the worst season yet. It's hard to comprehend how a whole group of contestants could be so selfish to say that nobody at home deserves, nor has worked hard enough to deserve a spot in the finale. This show used to be inspiring...all I have seen are selfish, negative, drama filled contestants who in my opinion don't deserve to be there. Let's be honest, we all enjoy a bit of drama on the show, but this is appalling. The producers should have happily kicked... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Nattalee's Picture   Nattalee    5 Comments   Comments
  • Absolutely the worst season of Biggest Loser!

    Biggest Loser was a show that I enjoyed watching because it was so positive...well until this season. I don't care for any of this years participants. How this show can put up with idiots like Conda is beyond me. I was looking forward to this weeks show which was in Washington DC. Mrs. Obama wanted Americans to pick their favorite contestant and then sign up to get more fit. I DO NOT LIKE ANY OF THEM. WHAT IS WRONG WITH NBC???? If next season is like this season, I will no longer watch this show. Too bad. The participants are total losers. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    cruise10's Picture   cruise10    11 Comments   Comments
  • Nbc broken Biggest Loser

    I'm sitting here watching the White House episode and just not moved by these contestants and their experience (exceptions are Chris, Buddy ). Conda, Jeremy, Kim, and Mark's deplorable behavior...just tainted this entire season 13. Usually an episode like this would bring tears to my eyes, and instead I'm just not moved. Your attempt to rehablitate Conda is just not working. Her constant crying and saccharin sympathy just comes off fake. Im still Tivo-ing but I'm on my iPad barely watching. I will give BL another chance next season. More...
    (Cable TV)
    Danica45's Picture   Danica45    1 Comments   Comments
  • political promotion in the Biggest Loser

    You've go to be kidding me. Bringing the contestants to the White House to meet the first lady in the middle of an election year. I have been able to tolerate the stream of commercials that are incorporated into the show, but this is ridiculous. How many years has this show been on, 13 or 14 seasons, and cooincidentally, in the middle of what looks to be a contentious election NBC gives free props to the sitting President.NBC bought and paid for by Obama for president in 2012. Boycott the biggest loser and NBC. They should at least be required to add the disclaimer at the end of the... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
  • Bring Jillian Back!

    After watching all of the seasons of The Biggest Loser I absolutely hate this years show. The contestants seem dedicated to playing the game and no interest in actually losing weight. I have found this year to be anything but inspirational. I vote to bring Jillian back at any cost. She would have kicked all of this years contestants to hell and back and there is no way she would put up with Conda's attitude. This may well be my last year watching...too bad used to be a great show. More...
    (Cable TV)
    djmarya's Picture   djmarya    1 Comments   Comments
  • More than dissapointed

    I have watched the biggest loser since season one! I've loved every season , yeah there are a few bad seeds along the way but I have never in my life seen someone who is as manipulating and conniving as conda! She has no morals and no respect for others! No wonder why she has so much drama in her life! She causes it! I do not like how daphne acted but I would have done the same and went on the defense if someone treated my family member the way conda treated Adrian ! I hope conda reads this! You are embarrassing yourself! I'm going to continue to watch this show just to watch... More...
    Bland14's Picture   Bland14    4 Comments   Comments
  • Sick of it All.......

    I use to love the show myself. Being a cancer survivor I gained a few pounds and watching the positive way that everyone one in the groups supported one another was an inspiration to me. Now I watch it and I am depressed, outraged and even mad. That.... there are people out there that behave like this and letting the whole world see how mean,selfish and cruel they can be. In my household we have dubbed Conda as Anaconda and the name fits. If anyone is a sweet role model for their daughter it sure is not her. When I read about how they were going to boycott the show I would have said let... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Ciannele's Picture   Ciannele    11 Comments   Comments
  • Biggest Loser

    Every other season before this one had a feel-good vibe, you understood the players and pulled for them - even if you didn't like them. This season started out like no one knew what they were doing and devolved into a Jerry Springer White Trailer Park Trash pander to the lowest common denominator. It was more like Biggest Loser The Survivor and I'm done watching it. NCIS is on Channel 2 at the same air time. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    reviewthis's Picture   reviewthis    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disappointment after Disappointment

    It has been hugely disappointing to watch the disintegration that has occurred this season. Conda's rudeness was a little annoying from the start, but after watching her and Kim gang up on the Aqua team, which led to so much animosity and bullying, I am just finished. Why haven't Bob or Dolvet called them out on this nonsense?! Why is all the pressure on those who are being picked on to change their responses?! I don't care what has happened to Conda in her life!!! Everyone has hard things. It is not excuse for her to be a B****. And that is what she is. More...
    whtvr's Picture   whtvr    2 Comments   Comments
  • Boycotting Show

    Nothing but complete disappointment with season 13! I loved Biggest Loser until this season, they have made it nothing but drama. Apparently everyone has forgotten why they are really there and it has nothing to do with money. This used to be such a great positive show for people, not only that but it gave so many people hope that they can have a better life. Now it seems to be nothing but a toxic show. I am boycotting biggest loser and encouraging others to do the same. More...
    (Cable TV)
    tate's Picture   tate    6 Comments   Comments
  • Very Disappointed

    I agree with the comments about Season 13 getting away from the goal of the contestants, which is to get their bodies healthy...that includes mind and soul. This season seems to be all about getting audience members to tune in for the drama. Hurting people hurt others and it is evident that Conda is in extreme pain. It's a shame that Adrian and Daphne were not accepted back onto the Ranch. They worked so hard to prove that they were worthy of the opportunity and most everyone bullied them. Do they not remember how they have been treated by others because of weight. Now they are going... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Ksimi's Picture   Ksimi    1 Comments   Comments
  • episode 2/21/12

    That's it for me! A faithful viewer of the show since season one but after the most recent episode of this season with all the foolishness that went I can no longer continue. It was as if I was watching a reality show and weight loss and meeting a healthy lifestyle issue was somehow lost. Ridiculous behavior that I feel the powers to be could have squashed and not tolerated. Someone made the bright decision to use the show as a platform to allow grown women to act like children! and please lets not forget the great job of showing division between the races. I am truly... More...
    (Cable TV)
    lostviewer55's Picture   lostviewer55    0 Comments   Comments
  • please scan the Contestants

    The producers really need to scan and research the contestants. I watch each and every season and it is only one or two black (african american ) teams which get voted off within the first two weeks. So this don't surprise me that there are prejudice contestants on the ranch. Adrian didn't have a chance the moment he stepped back on the ranch. And I can't believe Kim said "if Adrian get the biggest loser this week and get immunity I'm gonna be mad" be happy for the weight lost, some things should not be aired. And don't even let me get started on that... More...
    (Cable TV)
    ablessn4me's Picture   ablessn4me    5 Comments   Comments
  • Biggest Loser Season 13

    Very annoyed with the Biggest Loser Season 13..Here is why...the producers know exactly what is going on with Conda manipulating the show and the rest of her team members like stupid sheep falling in line behind her...whats disturbing is that the show is supposed to encourage viewers to pursue healthy goals and feel that it can be possible by observing others do it...the producers of this show are aware of the on-goings but have done nothing to rectify such behaviors....A total waste of time watching the program and really leave a bitter taste in my mouth...Would advise others not to watch... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    2annoyed's Picture   2annoyed    7 Comments   Comments
  • 2012 Black team should be embarrassed

    I am outraged at the way the black team treated Adrian. From the first day he was back on the ranch, he was treated with distain. How quickly they forgot how thankful they were to have an opportunity to save their lives. They could not be bigger people (no pun intended) and follow the golden rule- treat others as you would want to be treated. Being reminded Mark was a youth pastor was very unsettleing for me; shame on him. Interestingly, he put down Adrian for only losing two pounds, when his own son had the same weight loss that week. How would he feel if someone implied his son... More...
    MLS1's Picture   MLS1    2 Comments   Comments
  • Losing Appeal

    Biggest Loser is losing appeal. The 2112 season doesn't stack up to season's past. We get that its a "game", but many watch for motivation and to learn about health and nutrition. Sadly, there is more drama and cat-fighting than I've ever seen, including Bob and Dolvett. It's gotten so ridiculous that I wonder what the point is? NBC is smart, they have some good produced shows, but I wonder if even "they" aren't getting tired and bored of BL. For a show promoting fitness, there sure is less of that and more about people talking smack about each... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    TRIAgain's Picture   TRIAgain    0 Comments   Comments
  • Who picked the contestants

    I have watched Biggest Loser for many seasons, it was a show I wouldn't miss. This year is different. Who picked the contestants? Namely, Conda and Kim? I pray every week that Conda will be voted off. Who died and made her God? And why do people even listen to her. If she went home now I believe she would gain all her weight back plus more. I would vote Conda the Biggest Complainer and Kim the Sorest Loser. I hope whomever is in charge of selectin contestants will do a better job next season or I won't be watching. I don't need to see cat fights or people arguing,... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Cocobug's Picture   Cocobug    3 Comments   Comments
  • Biggest Loser

    I just watched the episode and it sucks that it is now a game instead of what they really are there for. The red team all except Roy really are gaining up. Kim and Conda are the worst. Why does the red team even listen to them.. Conda really needs to go.. Every time i see her i switch the channel cause she so negative.. Negativity sucks.. I'm surprise the red team even let her go this long. They must be scared..Someone needs to put her and Kim in there place.. Last season I loved it. They were inspiring and motivated.. What happen... More...
    ybba's Picture   ybba    5 Comments   Comments
  • Obesity is NOT a joke!!!!

    I am NOT representing a company and I'm NOT even sure if I am getting to the right department. My name is Carla Wernecke and I lost my husband of 22 years - Bill Wernecke on June 23, 2011. He was 480 lbs when he passed away. We have watched the biggest loser for 10 seasons together!!! Season 11 was hard for me to watch because all JOHN wanted to do was WIN!!! And season 12 is very difficult for me to watch, the rivilry between Dolvett and Bob is RIDICULOUS!!!!! This is about peoples lives, it is NOT a ------- competition. Do people understand that obesity not only affects the person,... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    CarlaW's Picture   CarlaW    3 Comments   Comments
  • 1-31-2012 show

    I just got done watching the show and I am extremely disaappointed with the character of most the the people in the red team. They have treated Adrian like Sh** on his first weekk there. This people should all(except for santa) be ashamed of themselves. Adrian was being honest and being himself, and instead of being a good teammate to him, they alienate him. For what saying he worked out 14 hours a day, then they accuse him of playing the game for only losing 2 pounds when noone on the team did well, telling the guy the he should not to talk, when he is trying to understand why there is a... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Biggest Loser loses a viewer

    My 9 year old son and I have been watching the Biggest Loser together for the past couple of years. He is always pulling for the people to do well. Last night, he asked me to change the channel due to the foul language that was consantly being "beeped" out. Luckily he didn't know the main word that needed inserting most of the time. Biggest loser contestants, participants and staff -- please clean up your act. It's certainly not good for family viewing at this point. More...
    (Cable TV)
    nwear13's Picture   nwear13    6 Comments   Comments
  • Demi

    I am concerned,I never thought this would happen until I saw Demi. I know the goal is to loose weight but is there something in place make sure they are doing it the right way? Demi did not look healthy to me and she was not toned, her arms were flabby. Now obviously she lost the weight but how did she loose it? What's in place to protect against the people that are not going to follow rules of working hard and eating right. Now I know that there is a possibility that I could be wrong but she did not look healthy and she was the only one that looked that way. More...
    Mickie111's Picture   Mickie111    0 Comments   Comments

    I love the Biggest Loser show and do not miss one week. To my dismay, yesterday's challenge which aired on April 26, 2011, had the contestants pulling a car, a replay of the episode which Tara won. I have nothing against Tara and commend her on starting a foundation to help others. I do not agree that it was appropriate to bring in a former contestant, mind you, to compete in a challenge with current contestants, and the noncontestant was Tara. The former Olympic champion Ruehn (spelling?) was one of the contestants on the show. It really meant a lot for him to win that... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Lilya's Picture   Lilya    12 Comments   Comments
  • New Trainers Need To Go

    The Biggest Loser has been built on the positivity, the drive, the engagement, the commitment and the love from Bob and Jillian. The new trainer... Cara, is fake, selfish and unlikeable. She needs to go. I do not believe that she has the same knowledge as the two original trainers, but I also believe that she is trying way too hard. She takes everything personal, when this show has nothing to do with her and everything to do with the contestants. This show is about loosing weight and changing lives. Not about how the trainers compare to each other. Please say goodbye to her soon!!! More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    BJ33's Picture   BJ33    1 Comments   Comments

    SHORTS's Picture   SHORTS    4 Comments   Comments
  • New Trainers Bad

    I love this show, but I have to say that having new trainers was a bad idea. Bob and Jillian always bring a positive atmosphere to the show, and they encourage the contestants to support each other. The new trainers, whom I have not even bothered to remember their names, bring in a competitive and hostile attitude to the show. Their team is rude (throwing eggs) and cocky; I just watched an episode where, when the unknowns weighed in, Bob and Jillian's team clapped and cheered for the numbers they were putting up. When it was Bob and Jillian's teams turn to weigh in, not one of the... More...
    (Cable TV)
    jimmylikes's Picture   jimmylikes    2 Comments   Comments
  • less trainers please

    Although I understand the need for shows to try different avenues to increase viewership, I feel that the Bob and Jillian vs the unknowns is not working. It makes the show confusing and divided. I find the workouts are disjointed and hard to follow, therefore less enjoyable. Perhaps, the show is trying to see if the new trainers are likeable...but I find that I am choosing not to watch the show with so many trainers. I also feel there is too much going on this season. My suggestion....get rid of the new trainers and start a different show with them. More...
    (Cable TV)
    janeK's Picture   janeK    0 Comments   Comments
  • casting

    I feel like the biggest loser is prejudice against people who do not have money. In order for you to get onto the show you have to go through a talent bank which cost you money. I have a weight problem I am 33 and weigh about 400 pounds, yet I can't try out for the show because I am low income. I have a family of 5 and I am currently unemployed we can barely make our bills let alone get a gym membership to help me with my weight problem. I feel like your show basically is like everything else in this world if you have money you get all the help you want(wether you need it or not)... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    dion0326's Picture   dion0326    1 Comments   Comments
  • biggest loser show

    I think the biggest loser is ok. I dont feel sorry for lazy fat people in the biggest Loser show or any in the real world. They are crying in the show because they achieve their goals. I am not feeling sorry for them, I only sorry for people who have their low metabolish or someone who getting fat eventhough they do not eat much. I think they should get their lazy ass and do something. Look at the mirror every day and see how fat they are or manage their eating habbit when they could not get their pants on. More...
    dragonrich9's Picture   dragonrich9    0 Comments   Comments
  • Biggest Looser Has Lost All It's Heart

    I am a big fan of the show, or I should say that I was. I loved the heart in the show, honest people working their hearts out to change their lives. What happened to that? What's with keeping people on the show who don't want to be there and aren't showing they want to be there. What's with letting the strong manipulate and use the weak to their advantage, Everyone is missing out, You are cheating people out of a chance to change their lives, What happened to your motto about changing lives, this isn't supposed to be a reality, drama session, we'd watch a... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    smariej28's Picture   smariej28    2 Comments   Comments
  • Time To Change Format!

    Stop changing the show format. Every year it gets worst! The orignal Biggest Loser format was the most successful and the most appreciated. The first and second seasons were the best!!!! The idiot psycho babble, the whine fests and the humiliation factor are all major turn offs. The premiere episode 2010 was almost intolerable. Thank goodness for TIVO! NBC seems to forget that they are alienating their audience in a big way. This season every contestant has an issue!!! Puh-leeze! Overweight people are your biggest audience!!! Shape Up NBC!!!!! More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    ImprovePlease's Picture   ImprovePlease    0 Comments   Comments

    I just watched the biggest loser and was disgusted to find they haven't even got their facts right, they stated that champagne has less calories than dry white wine and red wine. WRONG here are just a couple of websites that prove them wrong. More...
  • Cut the drama!

    As much as I have appreciated the Biggest Loser on many levels, I am growing very tired and frustrated of certain things: 1. Is it really necessary to humiliate these contestants by having bare bellies and sports bras for the weigh ins? 2. I am disgusted with the way Jillian and Bob keep becoming meaner - - which seems to be all part of the ratings game. 3. Could we please be spared of Jillian's psycho analysis with the contestants! I just fast forward that. 4. Jillian comes across as very arrogant because she "is the best at what she does." What a turn off! More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    aletabarker's Picture   aletabarker    2 Comments   Comments
  • The Biggest Loser Show

    I'm a female that weights 120 pounds and I'm 5'7" so no I am not fat. I find this show so offensive on so many levels. The only positive thing is it may motivate some obese viewers to go to the gym and watch their diet. However, it's unrealistic to force Marine Corps STYLE workouts on people who have had minimal movement for years. Also, I witnessed one woman fall and break her nose. The show got upset with her son for paying attention to her (HIS OWN MOTHER). Instead they advised him to ignore his bleeding mother while she's rushed to the emergency room and... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    zookwoman's Picture   zookwoman    0 Comments   Comments

    I have been a huge fan since the beginning... but little by little the show is changing. It use to be about motivation for dieting. Now it is a lot of crying. Jillian, playing text book phychologist... and repeating the same scene after every commercial. And trying too hard to sell products.. it's close to a informercial. It would be better if they would go back to making the bulk of the show, the challenge, then last chance workout, the weigh in and tossing a few unique diet tips our way. I am not the only person that feels this way... anyone I mention it to has the same... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    MARCAR5252's Picture   MARCAR5252    1 Comments   Comments
  • Biggest Loser Club took my money

    I joined the Biggest loser club a month ago, and, without even sending me the biggest loser books I ordered, my account was terminated without warning or explanation. I wrote a complaint email asking why my account was terminated (I didn't cancel it, and it was paid up in full) but four days later still haven't heard back. I was really enjoying the meal plans, as I have never planned a meal in my life, outside of "where do you want to go to eat today?". I really want my BLC account back, how can I reach them if they don't answer their emails? More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    vermeer99's Picture   vermeer99    0 Comments   Comments
  • Biggest Loser

    It makes me sad that these people on the show say that it changes there life to lose weight. I agree to some point but, I don't think they should receive any money for participating on the show. Don't they receive enough from from The Biggest Loser already. Fact is it's all about the money. Example the final four Tara , Helen , Mike and especially Ron. All are in it just for the money. Correct me if i'm wrong. Tell them they will receive no cash and i bet it would change there whole outlook for this show. Dennis More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    dogloverden's Picture   dogloverden    1 Comments   Comments
  • change producers now

    i think the loser producers have gone to (HELL!!!!) when they made the decision on forcing the players to change trainers that i know is the downfall turning point!!! come on people!! is ratings much more important that what the program brags about!!!! about losing weight and stop ruining the lives of the ones we watch (and want to see) lose the weight everyweek!!! i myself now have (dropped out) of watching the show now and i really hope everyone else writes in an does the same! BOB A More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    heliman01's Picture   heliman01    3 Comments   Comments
  • The show is sadistic

    I watched the first episode of the Biggest Loser Families today. I found the show excessively sadistic. Why is it entertaining to see people in agony with trainers cracking the whip like they were slaves or something? To see people crying their eyes out? To see unfit people told to climb a mile up a mountain in 110 degree temperature when they are given, NO WATER (you dehydrate after about 20 minutes without water and usually need more to exercise in that kind of heat). I think this show is DISGUSTING and demeaning of human beings. I do not care to watch ANY PEOPLE IN THAT KIND OF PAIN.... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    dbaseII's Picture   dbaseII    2 Comments   Comments


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