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Biggest Loser Reviews

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  • The Australian series is a bit more sensible

    Right at the point where I had almost given up on the redemptive value of BL because season 13 has been such an explosive disappointment, I find the Australian version and my faith is restored. With 13 seasons under their belt, the BL cannot seem to keep a nonwhite contestant long enough to become a winner. With the AUS version, they don't seem to have any nonwhite contestants for it become a problem except season 7. It is delightful to find the trainers want to see weight loss and press the contestants to overcome their emotional attachment to eating excessive amounts of foods.... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    genna's Picture   genna    0 Comments   Comments
  • lost these viewers

    Im very disappointed with this season. They all act childish more so anaconda. For all of them to gang up on people that won there way back on the show to make them feel not wanted and to blame everything on them is low scumbag thing to do.I can't stand to watch another episode this season can't feel anybody they all have there part.good job you just lost this viewer More...
    (Cable TV)
    kdawgg1982's Picture   kdawgg1982    1 Comments   Comments
  • Drama

    I am a loyal follower of The Biggest Loser, and I am extremely disappointed with this season. The amount of drama between the contestants, and the trainers is too much. It takes away from what the show is really supposed to be about. The comments from Bob about Dolvett, the drama between Connie and Mike, not to mention that I think Dolvett is over acting in this season. Last season Dolvett was fun to watch, and he was respectful and courteous to everyone on the show. Now I feel that he is overly cocky, and LOUD! I don't remember these problems when Jillian was on the show. I... More...
    beggabits's Picture   beggabits    8 Comments   Comments

    This show is suppose to help bring to light the extream health risks facing so many today. The result should reflect what hard work can really do, instead it has turned into a revolting drama show! Half of the air time is lost in the constant repeats (how many times do they need to tell you how many pounds are needed in a weigh in? are they trying to make Allyson come across as slow as she does?), the other half is taken up in sabotage. Everyone sees how added stress effects weightloss negatively, yet on a weightloss show they are constantly piling it on! I enjoy the competition, even... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
  • Extreme

    Why don't they make a show with on the other extreme side? People who have to stay skinny. People who won't eat. Why can't they break people like they do on biggest loser on the other side of the scale. Their issues are just as bad but no sees them like the people on biggest loser. You have one extreme to the other, why not make a show about it. Both obese and extremely skinny at an unhealthy range, both need help, both need to be health the right way. Skinny doesn't mean healthy, let the world know the truth of it. More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)


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